String To Image

Random image pattern generation using a seed text.

Welcome to String To Images project.

View Demo Below:

The StringToImage project can generate dataURIs for any string that is provided as a seed to it. To start tweaking and using the code fork the repo.

$ cd /path_to_create_repo/
$ git clone
$ cd StringToImage

If you're using the GitHub for Mac, simply fork the repo and sync.


The scriptlet basically takes a seed input and randomly generates a dataURI of variable width/height (defaults min: 25px and max: 49px). The demo page also demonstrates the capability, you can enter any text you want and it is used as a seed to basically generate a random pattern and it is set as the background image.

Support or Contact

Having trouble with StringToImage? Reach out to me at or contact and I’ll help you sort it out.